The concept of the dialogical self, proposed originally by Hubert Hermans, professor of  psychology, inseminated a dynamic development in psychology and the social sciences. The topic is connected to the concepts of theorists such as Bakhtin and James and it inspires the latest developments in cultural, cognitive and social psychology, as well as advancements in education, counseling and psychotherapy. This new approach is closely related to narrative psychology, constructivism, and cultural psychology, but the focus is on the multivoiced self. According to the concept of the dialogical self, the individual self is social in origin and dialogical in its potential. The self reflects and appropriates the voices of society and significant others, and within the functioning of the self we consider these voices in dialogue.

What does DIALOGICAL SELF mean?

DIALOGICAL SELF – the most often our self does not represent one strict point of view, it means rather internal exchange of ideas.

DIALOGICAL SELF – our mind can represent minds of other people, and various points of view typical for other nations, cultures or social backgrounds.

DIALOGICAL SELF – is a necessary condition of identity, wisdom, and maturity for all these phenomena imply integration of different visions of the person.

DIALOGICAL SELF – promotes imagination, creativity, morality, and spirituality.

DIALOGICAL SELF – models social relationships.

Summing up, DIALOGICAL SELF – according to Hubert Hermans – is a society of mind.

DIALOGICAL SELF serves as a base for relationships and exchange of ideas between:

-         Persons

-         Groups

-         Organizations & Institutions

-         Nations & ethnic groups

-         Religions

-         Cultures

A true DIALOGUE, that respects human dignity and human rights, functions like a remedy for misunderstandings, conflicts, aggression, great differences, prejudices, and social exclusion...

Several aspects of the DIALOGICAL SELF are emphasized by psychology, pedagogy, sociology, anthropology, psychiatry, neuroscience, and other disciplines.


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