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  • Hubert Hermans, The Netherlands – The Dialogical Self in the Context of Social Power

  • Mark Freeman, USA – Worlds Within and Without: Thinking Otherwise About the Dialogical Self

  • Andrzej Nowak, Poland – Dynamics of the Self-Structure

  • Malgorzata Puchalska-Wasyl, Poland – Society of Mind as a Scene for Internal Interlocutors and Their Relationships

Invited lectures

  • Miguel Goncalves, Portugal
  • Vincent Hevern, USA
  • Dmitry Leontiev, Russia
  • Karl Scheibe and Frank Barrett, USA
  • Barbara Schellhammer, Germany
  • Alia Soliman, UK
  • Franz Monks, Germany
  • Rens van Loon, The Netherlands
  • Jaan Valsiner, Denmark
  • John Rowan, UK
  • Bob Fecho, USA

Invited symposiom organizers

  • Donald McCown, USA
  • Hans Alma, the Netherlands
  • Anna Batory, Poland
  • Angela Branco, Brazil
  • Elwira Brygola, Poland
  • Elżbieta Chmielnicka-Kuter and Renata Żurawska-Żyła, Poland
  • Agnieszka Konopka and Wim van Beers, the Netherlands
  • Olga Lehmann, Norway
  • Tatsuya Sato, Japan
  • Jaan Valsiner, Denmark
  • Dominic Stefan Mihalits, Austria
  • Marie-Cécile Bertau, USA

Invited workshop leaders

  • Georgia Gkantona, Greece
  • Jan Hancil, Czech Republic
  • Dina Nir, Israel

Participation guideline

The organizes suggest:

  • Paper sessions – about 15 minutes per each paper and short discussion (5 minutes), or better option: plenary discussion at the end (about 15 minutes) – e.g. 3 presentations and discussion.
  • Symposia – about 15–25 minutes per each paper and final discussion at the end.
  • Keynotes and Invited lectures – about 45–50 lecture and discussion (10–15 minutes).
  • Posters. The poster size should be maximum 841 mm x 1189 mm (A0 format), vertical (portrait) orientation.

GOOD LUCK for all Dialogical Speakers!

A great postconference event!

100 questions to Hubert Hermans: Share your ideas, research plans with him and explore them together. Free entrance. You are welcome!
The postconference meeting will take place on Sunday, September, 11, 2016, from 9 till 13 including coffee break. You can register via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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